Turning Play into a Resource – and Having Fun!

Two of the most common concerns in Africa are access to clean water and education. As an active member of the African community, SACO CFR has formulated interlinking approaches to address these problems. In 2011, we installed the first of these strategies, the Play Pump system, at a rural school in KwaZulu Natal. Following its success, SACO CFR has sponsored Play Pumps at other rural schools around the country annually.

The Play Pump is one of several solutions developed to provide clean drinking water, which complies with international purity standards, to isolated communities. It looks like a colourful merry-go-round at a children’s playground. As children spin on the merry-go-round, their motion creates energy that, like a windmill, drives the water pump. The pumped water is stored in a tank.

The benefits of this life-giving resource are:
  • providing the school as well as the surrounding community with all their water needs;
  • enabling the establishment of community vegetable gardens;
  • watering of livestock; and
  • releasing young girls from their traditional duties of water collection, thus enabling them to attend school.


Rural Schools



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In addition to the funding provided by SACO CFR and other local businesses, this project has also attracted international donor interest. With the assistance and support of our clients, we would like to see many more Play Pumps erected in the rural communities of South Africa.

Therefore, we are launching an exciting challenge for all our clients to fill a water tank with 110 000 litres of water. This will result in the erection of the next Play Pump. For every cbm of Ocean Freight export cargo booked with SACO CFR, 5 litres of water will be pumped into the tank. Furthermore, every 100 kgs of Airfreight export cargo booked will contribute 1 litre. We will provide monthly updates on our progress and how close we are to erecting the next water station.

SACO CFR invites our clients to join us in giving back to the community. Together we can help the rural population gain access to clean water while providing a platform for education and fun.

We have installed nine Play Pumps around the country thus far:


SACO CFR is committed to the acceleration of transformation. We believe that it is the duty of the Company to embrace employment equity, skills development processes, preferential procurement, and any area that has a direct impact on true transformation.

Moreover, we are passionate about affording previously disadvantaged groups preferential opportunities to uplift and broaden their competencies. This is achieved through occupationally based education, training, and development programs. 

The result is a job-able, experienced individual who is committed to adding value to their immediate environment, thus adding impetus to South Africa’s international competitiveness.  

At SACO CFR, we acknowledge our obligation to the conservation and continuous improvement of the environment.

Our aim for the SHIFTING TO GREEN campaign is to meet our clients’ requirements while assuming responsibility for the impact that our operations have on the environment. We endeavor to operate in compliance with all local and international legislation and exceed standards where possible.

Corporate Social Responsibility and the Shifting to Green Initiative at CFR Freight

Luyanda Pre-School

Education has always been close to the hearts of the SACO CFR team. In 2010, one of our staff members in Port Elizabeth told us about the school she attended in her youth. The school is situated in an impoverished area in Motherwell, Eastern Cape. Thus, we saw an opportunity to make a life-changing difference in the lives of those who needed it most, with the most impact on the future of our country: children and education.

SACO CFR added substantial value to the community by rebuilding the pre-school and providing it with first-class equipment and facilities. Moreover, we maintain the school on a regular basis.

We are humbled by our continued involvement in this community through our ongoing support of Luyanda Pre-School.

Corporate Social Responsibility: CFR Freight renovates Luyanda Pre-School



The Litterboom Project

SACO CFR’S commitment to our environment consists of more than just creating awareness within our organisation. It is about working on sustainable projects that will serve the communities that we operate within. One such project that we have the privilege of partnering with is The Litterboom Project.

The Litterboom Project is a community-driven initiative. It focuses on the interception of plastic debris in both Rivers and Beaches around South Africa. The Litterboom Project was established in 2017 by a group of surfers. These surfers had a common goal – protecting the beautiful South African coasts from the rising tide of plastic. They have since expanded into Durban and Cape Town, with over eight full-time teams protecting the delicate River Systems. These teams employ over 64 staff and have intercepted over 300 000 kilograms of plastic.

We believe strongly in community involvement while tackling this marine environmental problem. Our hope is to restore the natural beauty and ecosystem to these plastic hot-spot areas that have become overwhelmed with pollution. We believe that the enormous challenge that lies ahead can only be solved through strategic partnerships. Therefore, we continue to grow and nurture our collaborations around South Africa, as we expand the high-impact work we do.