Logistics companies are in the business of data

By Liesl Venter, FTW 16 April 2021

Big data and analytics are a strong focus for neutral consolidator CFR Freight. According to CIO James Britz, this drives business intelligence, providing insight into the business and allowing for improved strategic decision making. “Thanks to the near real-time data, better and faster proactive decisions can be made and we are able to capitalise on the opportunities that are presenting themselves. “Britz said other technology trends high on the company’s radar were cloud computing, integration and user portals. “Logistics companies have traditionally been stuck in the thinking pattern that they just move cargo. The faster they realise that they are in fact in the business of data, the faster they will be able to analyse, react and improve focus and intensity on the correct elements within their businesses,” explained Britz. “If you take a company like Amazon for instance, you see they are a technology company first and foremost, and in supply of goods and logistics second. Yet they have been able to control and revolutionise the logistic sector in a way that no other company has. ”It was this kind of innovation that was necessary, he said. “Companies cannot continue to see technology as a grudge purchase; they will not survive. Technology should rather be seen as a means of remaining sustainably relevant. ”Just as important though, when focusing on technology, is to keep an eye on cyber security, especially given the fast-paced evolution and the major risk it poses to any business.

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